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    If you prefer to receive the pre-selected case, no need to fill out this form. Your pre-selected ELITE case includes: 2014 HANNA Chardonnay (2) 2014 ELIAS Pinot Noir (2) 2013 Reserve Alchimie (2) 2014 Bismark Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon (2) 2015 Bismark Mountain Zinfandel (2) 2014 Bismark Mountain Malbec (2)
  • HANNA Elite Wines

  • Price: $14.25
    SWEEPSTAKE WINNER!! - 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    Our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc is bright and delicious. Aromas of fig, guava and nectarine mingle with flavors of Meyer lemon, peach and grapefruit. The wine is bright with zingy acidity and seamless finish.

    100% Sauvignon Blanc

    37,000 cases produced
  • Price: $16.50
    A shimmering salmon berry in color with aromas and flavors that evoke memories of a summer's bounty of ripe stone fruit, rose garden, tangerine zest, Saechao Strawberries and grapefruit blossom. Texturally it is an irresistible combination of brightness and viscosity, with gobs of ripe melony fruit preceding its creamy, lingering finish.

    87% Malbec, 13% Pinot Noir;

    605 cases produced
  • Price: $21.75
    GOLD MEDAL - 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    Our Hanna 2014 Chardonnay is a shimmering straw-gold with a verdant rim. It has very intense, dense and alluring aromas of Bosc Pear, Meyer lemon, Apricot jam and caramel. It has flavors of rambutan, vanilla bean, passionfruit and spice. On the palate it is notably vivid, bursting with juicy intensity and displaying a viscous impression and long finish.

    100% Chardonnay

    4,900 cases produced
  • Price: $36.75
    SILVER MEDAL - 2016 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    Our 2014 Pinot is deep garnet in color, with brooding aromas of beeswax, pomegranate, Irish breakfast tea and strawberry pie. By mouth it has flavors of strawberry compote, Big cherry, toast, spice and vanilla. Texturally it is bright, concentrated and youthfully firm with a lingering, soft finish.

    100% Pinot Noir

    399 cases produced
  • Price: $25.50
    SILVER MEDAL - 2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

    Our Two Ranch Red is youthful purple in color, with cherry, smoke, plum and coffee in the aromas. The wine has lively flavors of black olive, vanilla bean, cola and plum. On the palate it is juicy, low in astringency and viscous.

    67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Malbec, 9% Pinot Noir, 8% Merlot, 4% Zinfandel, 1% Petit Verdot

    1,044 cases produced
  • Price: $33.00
    DOUBLE GOLD - 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition
    DOUBLE GOLD - 2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

    Our 2014 Alexander Valley Cabernet is opaque plum in the glass with aromas of hot boysenberry pie, graphite, candied persimmon and a hint of incense cedar. In the mouth it is luscious, satiny and vivid with dense, fruit driven flavors of blackberry and plum accompanied by spicy cinnamon and cacao notes.

    75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Malbec, 4% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot

    6,500 cases produced
  • Price: $25.50
    GOLD MEDAL - 2016 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

    Our 2013 Alexander Valley Malbec is an energetic purple hue with aromas redolent of boysenberries and fig. After 10 minutes in the glass, essences of pumpkin pie, apricot jam, red currant and mace emerge. In the mouth it is juicy, supple and vibrant with a guileless core of bright fruit flavors and a pristine, youthful finish.

    98% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon

    523 cases produced
  • HANNA Reserve Wines

  • Price: $39.75
    Our 2014 ELIAS Chardonnay is glimmering golden straw in color, with aromas of pear, apricot toast and lemon meringue. In the mouth it balances a lanolin like richness with crisp apple and has flavors of panna cotta and pear.

    100% Chardonnay

    310 cases produced
  • Price: $43.50
    Our 2014 ELIAS Pinot Noir has rich flavors of Bing cherries, violets, cardamom and new leather. The mouthfeel is big and juicy, with a structure that is youthfully firm. Flavors of blueberries and espresso yield to a long finish of tea-spiced oak.

    100% Pinot Noir

    584 cases produced
  • Price: $42.00
    Our 2013 Reserve Malbec aromas are deep and enticing, loaded with violet, cassia, laurel bay, graphite and blackberry pie. Rich flavors of blueberries, spiced persimmon cookies, and a finish of cognac and sweet oak are all layered upon a structure of velvety ripe tannins.

    100% Malbec

    380 cases produced
  • Price: $49.50
    Our 2014 Reserve Malbec is inkwell black in color with alluring aromas of mulberry, blood orange peel, incense cedar, pulverized shale and spice rack. These aromas are echoed in the flavors along with notes of persimmon, boysenberry reduction, rhubarb, espresso bar, and vanilla extract. Texturally the wine is both weighty and plush with long fruit filled and chamois soft finish.

    100% Malbec

    369 cases produced
  • Price: $46.50

    Our 2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon displays a characteristic opacity in the glass with aromas of elderberry, sweet blackberry pie, baked currant, baking chocolate and a touch of dried mint. In the mouth it is massive, round and rich with a firm, youthful finish.

    75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec

    472 cases produced
  • Price: $48.00
    A Dense purple in color, the 2014 Reserve Cabernet is redolent of cassis, slate, roasted hazelnuts, freshly sawn Quercus with a hint of tanner's bench. In the mouth the flavors are vivid, reminiscent of blackberry, cassis, Carob and cherry pie. Texturally the wine is massive, extracted with a fine, intense tannin backbone.

    75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Malbec, 4% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot

    417 cases produced
  • Price: $44.25
    Deep garnet in color, our 2014 Reserve Merlot displays aromas of roasted cherries, clover blossom, rose buds, tamarind jam and pecan pie. By the mouth there are flavors of chocolate Necco wafer, brioche, raspberry and white peppercorn. Texturally, it is juicy, supple, viscous with a fresh and lasting finish.

    75% Merlot, 20% Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon

    238 cases produced
  • Price: $48.00
    Our 2013 Reserve Alchimie is a youthful purple, with aromas of currants, creamy oak and slate. It has flavors of chocolate, blueberry pie and roasted pumpkin seed. The wine finishes with satiny, bright tannins.

    42% Malbec, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 18% Petit Verdot

    437 cases produced
  • Price: $48.00
    Our 2014 Reserve Alchimie is aubergine black in the glass with aromas of anise, cherry wood, cardamom and maple sap. By mouth it is viscous and silky with spicy, dried orange and blueberry flavors. It has a graceful, seamless finish.

    38% Malbec, 22% Petit Verdot, 16% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Saint Macaire

    436 cases produced
  • HANNA Bismark Mountain Wines

  • Price: $48.00
    91 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast 2016

    Our 2014 Bismark Zinfandel is a polished ruby in the glass with aromas of dried cranberry, toffee, Darjeeling tea, allspice and raspberry. It has flavors of dried cherry, sandalwood and caramel. By mouth it is rich, full, but not at all astringent, even in youth

    100% Zinfandel

    582 cases produced
  • Price: $49.50
    Our 2015 Bismark Zinfandel is polished ruby in color with intense aromas of carob, Mexican chocolate and raspberry compote. It is heady and rich by mouth, exuding red fruit and vanilla flavors.

    100% Zinfandel

    696 cases produced
  • Price: $48.75
    Night sky in color, our 2014 Bismark Malbec is redolent of gingerbread, Tea rose, and vanilla bean with warm flavors of pomegranate molasses, boysenberry, Mexican chocolate and Grand Marnier. Big and mouth filling, its flavors echo the aromas. The tannins are fine as emery and coat the mouth with a lasting pleasant finish.

    100% Malbec

    209 cases produced
  • Price: $48.75
    93 POINTS - Robert Parker

    Our 2013 Bismark Cabernet is brilliant, deep ruby in the glass with aromas of anise, blackberry jam, leather, cocoa, currant and a hint of mesquite. It has flavors of black plum, cherry, coconut, and dark roast coffee. Texturally, the wine is full, with youthful polished tannins.

    76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Malbec, 4% Petit Verdot, 1% Cabernet Franc

    444 cases produced
  • Price: $51.00
    Our 2014 Bismark Cabernet Sauvignon is opaque and thick, exuding the mountain's terroir of Nocino liqueur, cassis, Manzanita flower and sage. Incredibly poised and silky by mouth for such a young wine, it has the rich extended finish typical of Bismark Cabernet.

    75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Malbec, 7% Cabernet Franc, 13% Petit Verdot,

    467 cases produced
  • Price: $49.50
    Deep purple in the glass, our 2014 Titan bursts with aromas of dark chocolate, Danish licorice, crushed rock and a hint of Pennyroyal. By mouth it is ample, extracted with flavors of cocoa, blackberry and black olive.

    62% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Franc, 14% Petit Verdot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon

    209 cases produced
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