Fig and Feta Salad

We thought we were into crisp fall weather here, and then we got hit with our usual Sonoma County Indian Summer. All of a sudden, we’re grilling outside again, and craving the last of the garden salads. Our Mission fig tree is prolific, offering up the sweetest, most succulent figs. I love them in this quintessential fall salad. The vinaigrette in salad is sometimes a challenge to pair with wine, but our tangy Sauvignon Blanc proves a perfect match.


Four Mission or Kubota figs, quartered
Half cup crumbled feta cheese
Quarter cup toasted walnuts
Two to three cups arugula or other spicy greens
Quarter cup olive oil
One teaspoon red wine vinegar
One tablespoon Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper


Whisk together vinaigrette. Toss with figs, feta, walnuts and greens.

Serves four

Wine Pairing

Pair with HANNA's Sauvignon Blanc