2021 Hanna Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

2021 Hanna Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Russian River Valley

Gold Medal - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2021

Vineyards: Our Slusser Ranch fruit is the single largest contributor. The blend also includes fruit from Shone Farms, Redwood Glen, Cameron, and Barnwell.

Russian River Valley 2020: In Contrast with 2019, winter was mild and dry with a warm very warm February and early bud break for the typically slow out of the gate SB. A near frost free spring and hot temps in May followed by a mid-month rain reduced fruit set. Summer was mild until two hot windy days in mid-August accelerated the lightning caused Walbridge fire northwest of our vineyards. Potential smoke taint was a huge concern, but late arriving analysis confirmed we were taint free We began picking SB on August 24, and finished September 22. Our 2020 Sauvignon Blanc was harvested at an average of 23.1° Brix, TA of 0.77 g/100 mL, and pH 3.34.

Winemaking: Our winemaking begins in the vineyard. We manage the canopies to achieve flavor enhancing filtered light from fruit set on. Harvesting is done at night by hand or machine depending on vineyard infrastructure and block size. Press cuts on all lots are de rigueur. Combinations of inoculated and indigenous fermentations are used. Our Sauvignon Blanc is aged on the lees until three to four weeks before bottling. This keeps the wine fresh and bright. Bottling typically takes place from January to August at monthly to bi-monthly intervals.  

Winemaker’s notes: We grow and vinify our Sauvignon Blanc to be fresh, vibrant, and evocative of the grapes themselves. We have chosen a tin lined screwcap closure—unsurpassed in its ability to retain our wines exuberance. Please note that proper conservation requires cool, even temperatures and the absence of light. 

We have included Thiol and Pyrazine analysis below. Thiols are naturally produced in the fruit and liberated by fermentation. Their concentration is reported in parts per trillion! They are important contributors to Sauvignon Blanc varietal character. 3MH is described as passion fruit, grapefruit. 3MHA is described as boxwood, cat pee or passion fruit, and 4MMP is described as guava and boxwood. Pyrazine is also naturally produced in the fruit. Its aromas are described as bell pepper, or herbal.  This is not an exhaustive list!  Many other compounds not listed- or elucidated for that matter; are contributory.    

Tasting Notes: Our 2020 presents as a brilliant translucent yellow with a tinge of green. A wisp of pettilance ushers a medley of aromas, reminiscent of Kaffir lime, pomelo, Buddha’s hand, Bellini, rambutan and fresh fennel. Flavors echo the aromas and are enhanced by an evanescent freshness that persists through the sleek, delicate finish. (Tasted 2/19/2021)

Alcohol  13.2%

pH  3.26

Titratable Acidity (TA)

0.65 g/100 mL

Residual Sugar  0.18%

Avg. Brix at Harvest  23.1o


Harvest Dates       

August 24, to September 22, 2020


100% Stainless steel, predominantly inoculated.

Bottling, Kegging  Dates

January through August 2020


Number of Cases 30,000

(5-gallon Kegs available)


Aromatic Thiols Analysis (pending)

3-mercapto hexan-1-ol (3MH)         ng/L

3-mercaptohexly acetate (3MHA)      ng/L

4-mercapto-4-methyl pentan-2-one (4MMP) ng/L


2- Isobutyl -3 methoxy pyrazine (IBMP) <0.2 ng/L


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