2018 Hanna French Colombard 750ml

2018 Hanna French Colombard 750ml

Russian River Valley

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Extra grapes elicit no delight in a large Harvest’s weary end, but local vineyard owner and trucking magnate Butch Cameron’s late October 2016 called, offering a couple of tons of Russian River Colombard got me in my truck fast.  Once an important cultivar in Sonoma County, it now exists only in a few remnant plots amounting to fewer than 10 acres. 

I had made Colombard from the Ukiah and Anderson Valleys years ago and enjoyed its enigmatic combination of vibrancy and neoteny - it’s not that it aged well, rather that it simply stayed young.

The River Road vineyard was mud slicked and pushing grass from a recent rain. It was easy to spot the, 50-year-old monsters with leathery leaves and football sized clusters. The fruit was tart, low sugar and delicious.  We made a deal on the spot.

We now take most of this historic block. Every visit is a trip back to the 60s, when viticulture was a far less fussy affair.

The wine itself is bright, aromatic and low alcohol, deliciously ethereal.

The Oxford Companion to Wine’s Jancis Robinson wrote of Colombard: “It would take some sorcery to transform Colombard into an exciting wine.”

Time is the sorcerer, and we are happy to be the medium.

- Jeff Hinchliffe, Winemaker

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