2020 HANNA Chardonnay 750ml

2020 HANNA Chardonnay 750ml

Vineyards: Our Chardonnay is made from our two mature vineyards in the Russian River Valley. The Slusser Ranch was planted in 1992 on Cortina gravelly loam. Although we have irrigation, it is seldom needed. The Home Ranch was planted in 1990 on Wright loam, which sometimes requires irrigation during heat spells.

Russian River Valley 2020: In Contrast with 2019, winter was mild and dry with a warm very warm February and early bud break for the typically early Chardonnay. A near frost free spring and hot temps in May followed by a mid-month rain reduced fruit set. Summer was mild until two hot windy days in mid-August accelerated the lightning caused Walbridge fire northwest of our vineyards. Potential smoke taint was a huge concern, but late arriving analysis confirmed we were taint free We harvested between September 15 and 21, 2020 at an average 25.5o Brix, TA 0.70 g/100 mL and pH of 3.42.

Winemaking: Home Ranch Chardonnay was hand picked before sunrise on September 15. The Slusser Ranch Chardonnay was harvested the nights of September 17 to 21. The cold fruit was picked into half-ton bins and hauled the short distance to the winery. Once the grapes arrived, we hand-sorted the fruit on our beautiful new fruit conveyor. The Chardonnay was whole cluster pressed while still cold. The juice was cold settled, and then racked to 60 gallon French and Hungarian oak barrels for fermentation. The wine was aged on lees for 7 months.

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Age of Vines: 28 to 30 years

Alcohol: 14.2%

pH: 3.38

Titratable Acidity: 0.69 g/100 mL

Residual Sugar: 0.19 %

Avg. Brix at Harvest: 25.5 o  Brix

Harvest Dates: September 15 and 21, 2020

Fermentation: Barrel Fermented; Combination of native and commercial yeasts

Ferment. Temp: Cellar Temperature

Malolactic Fermentation: Partial

Length/Type of Aging: 6 months in 60-gal oak barrels on lees. 100% barrel fermented

Oak Types: 28% new and 72% one and 2-year-old French & Hungarian oak from Nadalie, Remond, Trust, Marcel Cadet & Treuil

Bottling Dates: June 16 & 22, 2021

Number of Cases: 3020


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