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Sarah Elliott
March 15, 2022 | Viticulture 101 | Sarah Elliott

Meet HANNA's New Enologist


Meeting Michelle Rivera

Many of you know our winemakers, Jeff Hinchliffe and Marti Quan. We are very happy to announce the newest addition to this dynamic team. Meet Michelle Rivera, Enologist.

Michelle sipping HANNA Two Ranch Red Blend

Michelle will assist in all winemaking activities alongside Jeff and Marti, including analysis, determining wine blends, and tracking grape yields and maturity. She was a Hanna fan before joining the team, as she would purchase Sauvignon Blanc from her local store. Michelle earned a Microbiology degree from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. She worked harvest at VML/Truett Hurst, in Dry Creek and Russian River Valley, and two harvests in Napa County with Rutherford Ranch Winery and Honig Vineyard & Winery. She also completed a harvest in Renwick, New Zealand at Nautilus Estate of Marlborough.


Originally from Puerto Rico, Michelle was accustomed to rum based tropical cocktails, as it was too hot to drink wine. After spending a summer traveling through Europe and discovering various beautiful wines along the way, she discovered her passion for fine wines, and her professional wine journey began.

"It wasn't until two years after that trip that I started feeling I needed a change of pace, career-wise. One night with a glass of wine in hand, I researched the different roles in the wine industry and decided that my next move would be to work a harvest. After that first harvest, I was instantly hooked." -Enologist, Michelle Rivera 


The tropical notes in a Sauvignon Blanc remind her of home; one of the reasons she loves this varietal. Her appreciation for Sauvignon Blanc was explored and strengthened while working in New Zealand. After joining Hanna’s team, Michelle discovered her love for Bordeaux blends and Italian wines.

"I will say that I'm excited for the cellar to start smelling like fermenting Sauvignon Blanc, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how natural it feels for me working here with the Hanna Team." -Enologist, Michelle Rivera 

Michelle looks forward to maintaining consistency in Hanna wines while understanding that farming and weather conditions are always changing.


"Michelle has integrated into the production team effortlessly, well received by both the winemaking and cellar crew. She’s been a real self-starter and has handled everything we’ve thrown at her with diligence, efficiency, and grace.” -Assistant Winemaker, Marti Quan


Welcome to the team, Michelle!

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