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Sarah Elliott
January 10, 2022 | Beyond the Bottle | Sarah Elliott

HANNA Team Favorites



Here at HANNA, we are a tight-knit team of wine lovers! And we all have our favorites. 

Here is a list of the HANNA wines that our team recommends you try this new year.


What We Recommend 


"Titan, it is definitely a big wine but rich, complex and profoundly delicious. You can linger over its nuances or just enjoy it mindlessly. It even took me to song." -Jeff Hinchliffe, Winemaker

Bismark Titan 2017


"I can enjoy Chardonnay all by itself. It is lush, elegant, creamy and rich. I enjoy the tropical fruit flavors. I also like apple, citrus, vanilla and even light caramel flavors in Chardonnay. I feel that it is a happy wine. A glass or two of HANNA Chardonnay makes me relax and smile." -Mary Hilt, Hospitality Associate, Russian River Valley

Hanna Chardonnay 2020


"The first taste of the Reserve Alchimie is full of vibrance, and it leaves you begging for the next sip as it unfolds again and again. A remarkable wine of depth." -Ted Milkoff, Hospitality Associate, Alexander Valley

Reserve Alchimie 2017


"Bring on the boldness, as I am a Cab lover.  HANNA’s Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is by far my favorite HANNA wine.  This fruit driven Cab douses your palate in concentrated blackberry and black cherry notes.  It offers layers of depth as it lingers across the palate and delights in a silken finish.  I break this special wine out when I am looking to impress friends and family." - Shelby Lozinto, Direct to Consumer Manager



“Bismark Zinfandel all the way! It shows off such a generous structure and is exploding with red fruits – it’s luxurious and silky. Food pairings are fun, too. I love it with sweets, like chocolate and strawberries - but also, savory dishes, like Italian, barbecue, and any red meat." - Elizabeth Westwood, DTC Assistant Manager

Bismark Zinfandel 2017


"Our new Bismark Chardonnay has such a beautiful bouquet but what really piqued my interest is the amazing terrior these grapes came from. I think this wine is delicious, elegant and funky all at once - it's really refreshing and different than what I would've expected." -Sarah Elliott, DTC & Marketing Assistant Manager

Bismark Chardonnay 2019 (Wine Club Exclusive)


“My all-time favorite is the Elias Pinot. I love the coloring and the earthy, mushroom & lush olive oil notes.” --Josephine Marriner, Hospitality Lead

Elias Pinot Noir 2017


“I love the Rosé! The color is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s got a little zing to it as well!” - Megan Wetterau, Hospitality Lead

Hanna Rose 2019


The Saint Macaire is a really cool story! How cool is it to be sipping on a wine made from a type of French grape dating back to the 1800s! The Saint Macaire is extremely bold in color, taste, tannins, and history.” - Rebekah Ritchie, Hospitality Associate

Reserve Saint Macaire 2018 (Wine Club Exclusive)




Mix and match from the above recommended wines. Any order of 6+ bottles receive half-off Ground Shipping. 


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Offer valid through 1/24/22


By Jeff Hinchliffe

T is for the way you taste to me
I is for the inky depth I see
T are tannins very extraordinary
AN’s no more than another bottle to adore can
Titan’s not all I can give to you but
Titan is more than just a wine for two
Two in love can taste it, take a case and please don’t
Break it


Titan was made for me and you.

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